ScioSan® SCIO / EDUCTOR Biofeedback 

"Think of this technology as, sending energetic balancing love songs to your body"   


Biofeedback is the most exciting, and potentially farthest-reaching discovery ever to emerge from biomedical research. The more understanding we have about our illness or our predispositions toward illness, the more we know about how our bodies function and how to prevent illness, the better we realize our capabilities to achieve and maintain our well-being. A large part of this new understanding about relationships between human abilities and their role in health and illness is being formalized in the new therapeutic approach called biofeedback, the process of "feeding back" physiological information to the individual. Giving biological information to the client creates awareness of how stress impacts the body. (Stress is considered to cause 70% of most diseases). This information can be used to normalize disturbed body activities.


Biofeedback is essentially a therapy for the mastery of stress by bringing into awareness certain stressors and learning how to control stress. Biofeedback is both - an art and a science. As a therapeutic device, biofeedback entails a radically different therapist-client relationship than is traditional. Biofeedback is a partnership between client and therapist. The success of biofeedback treatment depends as much upon the client as upon the therapist. For the clients, biofeedback is not only a new experience, but their role in the treatment process is quite different from the current practice; they are no longer passive objects, but active participants in the treatment and are a critical element in the success of biofeedback. The mind and body ailments that respond to biofeedback treatment span the entire spectrum of illnesses human beings suffer: emotional, psychosomatic and physical disabilities. The implications of the biofeedback phenomenon are so vast that there is no question that it will stand as the landmark in changing attitudes about mind and body, about health and illness and about human consciousness.


The Inventor of the SCIO/EDUCTOR: Born in the United States, Professor William Nelson (Desire Dubounet) who now resides in Budapest, Hungary, is the world-renowned scientist. For the last 30 years Prof. Nelson has been a leading researcher in the integration of the Theories of Quantum Physics as it applies to the field of Vibrational Healing. His background and professional expertise also includes the fields of Quantum Biology, Energetic Medicine, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy, along with many other healing disciplines. He also participated in some of the wildly-acclaimed applied research for the Apollo Space Program in the late 1960s. The SCIO technology was developed by Prof. Nelson in order to provide people with a real opportunity to return to a state of well-being as quickly as possible. He achieved this objective after more than 25 years of dedicated research.


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