The Geo-Safe-E® neutralization substances are based on
30 years of German experiential research in the field of Bioenergy-technology.

The picture on the right shows two beautiful handcrafted
spherical wooden containers. These wooden spheres
contain a patented mixture of very different crystalline structures. These carefully crafted individualized Geo-Safe-E® are designed to counteract the most common disturbing radiation frequencies, found in areas where we spend most of our time. These areas include but are not limited to sleeping, working and living areas, audio/video-studios, as well as the new hybrid or electrical vehicles.

The Geo-Safe-E® effectiveness as a neutralization system against different radiation fields that are detrimental to the health have been proved both medically and technically in germany and in over 70 countries worldwide by thousands of doctors and therapists.

Silky K. Polifka and Wayne Hoff have complied with the requirements and have received the German Diviner-Diploma and license to work with the Geo-Safe-E® system as a Geobiological Consultant.
Contact to our US partner Wayne Hoff: +1 831 818 6980

ScioSan® utilizes a quick geobiological analysis, remotely or in person, if you are in southern California/LA area (contact us for details). We offer geopathic/EMF stress reduction solutions, designed to free our clients, their families especially children and pets from the negative effects of radiation i.e. mobile phones, computers, radar, WiFi, powertools, airplanes, trains etc.


ScioSan® recognizes your unique situation and will provide individualized geobiological analysis to find the otimum protection for you and your loved ones! 



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