1. Fastest toothbrush

Mira-Teeth cleans all teeth in approximately 60–90 seconds

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound (= air oscillations) …

  • cleans teeth and gum pockets faster & better than other techniques.
  • clean your teeth, gums and tongue in +/- one minute.
  • penetrate deeply, beyond bristles or brush heads.
  • reaches into the smallest interdental spaces & crevices.
  • clean near brackets and around crowns & implants.




2. Softest and deepest cleaning toothbrush

Mira-Teeth deep cleans very gentle and without any abrasion

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound …

  • effectively combats damaging bacteria in the biofiom (aka plaque)
  • penetrates deeply and cleans gum pockets.
  • reduces tartar buildup.
  • reduces bleeding gums and inflammation.




3. Best stain removal

Mira-Teeth removes stains and whitens teeth

Mira-Teeth Ultrasound … 

  • remove stains/discolorations and all contamination such as plaque/tartar, bacteria, etc.
  • whitens by removing stains and restoring the original color.
  • removes discolorations from nicotine, coffee, wine, tea, soda drinks and food.




4. Non-abrasive nano bubble toothpaste

Mira-Teeth Toothpaste reduces tooth wear

Mira-Teeth requires a specially formulated ultrasound tuned toothpaste gel which creates microscopic nanobubbles.
Mira-Teeth toothpaste …

  • does not contain any abrasive particles or aggressive chemicals.
  • is soft to teeth and gums and reduces overbrushing and tooth wear.
  • protects the enamel and reduces irritations.



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