Ultrasound – what is it?

Ultrasound is a vibration of air


Ultrasound is sound waves higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing.

  • Ultrasound is no different from ‚normal‘ (audible) sound in its physical properties, except in that humans and pets cannot hear it.

  • Ultrasound is used in a wide variety of applications for cleaning glasses and jewelry and e.g. for medical areas, wound repair, and imaging.
  • The ultrasound in Mira-Teeth is tuned/engineered for perfect oral hygiene, cleaning teeth and killing germs and bacteria.


At one glance

Electric or sonic toothbrushes are not comparable to ultrasound toothbrushes . There is a principle difference in the way they operate: brushing oscillations versus air oscillations.


Hard ultrasound vs. soft ultrasound

Mira-Teeth uses soft ultrasound

  • hard ultrasound = low frequency and high power used for destruction of tartar/calculus in dental practices

  • soft ultrasound = high frequency at very low power used in the case of Mira-Teeth
  • Mira-Teeth uses soft ultrasound to deep clean the teeth.




Ultrasound in medicine

The medical field has created many applications of ultrasound.

The best known uses are…
  • Antibacterial effect, destruction of micro-organisms
  • Improvement of blood circulation.
  • Promotion of regeneration processes.
  • Promotion of wound healing.



Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel

Mira-Teeth Toothpaste gel reduces tooth wear

Mira-Teeth specially formulates toothpaste gel...

  • does not contain any abrasive particles or aggressive and harmful chemicals.
  • creates microscopic nanobubbles which (by implosion) destruct/disintegrate membranes of bacteria and chains of bacteria ultimately – the result is clean and healthier teeth, gums and inner-mouth.
  • It reduces tooth wear by eliminating overbrushing and scrubbing



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